Toilet Paper Tissue Roll, 140 Sheets X 3 Ply, 24 Rolls. Fine® Deluxe Sterilized For Germ Protection.

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Brand: ‎Fine


  • New Best Ever Fine Deluxe Toilet Paper With Its Best Technology 3 Ply For The Highest Level Of Absorbency
  • 60% More Absorbent 3 Ply Toilet Paper For Greater Thickness And 60% More Absorbency Power Than The Regular Toilet Paper
  • Sterilized For Germ Protection: Endorsed By The Œfamily Hygiene Institute As The Sterilized Brand Of The Decade 2020 Using Steripro Technology For Germ Protection
  • Thicker Than Ever: Improved And Made With New Quilt & 3Ply Thickness For The Ultimate Luxurious Cushiony Feather-Like Softness, Leaving Your Skin Dry & Pampered


Fine Deluxe, Highly Absorbent, Sterilized, Soft & Strong, Flushable Toilet Paper, 3 Plies, Pack Of 24 Rolls. New & Improved

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