Downy Regular Fabric Softener Floral Breeze 3L Special Offer

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Brand: ‎Downy


  • Amazing Freshness & Softness
  • Unique Formula developed on fabric protection
  • Protects from fading, stretching and fuzz
  • Soften the finest textile fibers
  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-static and easy ironing


Offer your clothes an amazing freshness and softness with Downy Regular fabric softener. Infuse your fabric with a wonderful scent experience with Downy Regular Floral Breeze and enjoy fruity lush floral notes on your garments. Its unique formula, developed to bring a protective layer on your garments, will not only protect from fading, stretching and fuzz but will also soften even the finest textile fibers to provide a new level of fabric softness. Moreover, Downy Regular fabric softener offer anti-wrinkle, anti-static and easy ironing benefits.

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