Dettol Healthy Glass Cleaner 500ml

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Dettol Healthy Glass Cleaner

Brand: ‎Dettol


  • GERM PROTECTION: Dettol Power Glass Cleaner kills 99.9% of germs
  • 100% REMOVAL OF SOAPSCUM: Unique formula to remove tough bathroom dirt like soap scum and limescale
  • LASTING FRAGRANCE: The cleaning spray has a fresh & lasting fragrance
  • ACTIVE AGENT: 100g of liquid contains 3g sulphamic acid & 1.53g fomic acid
  • BRIGHTENS SURFACE: Brings a bright shine when applied on the surface
  • TRIGGER SPRAY BOTTLE: Comes in a convenient bottle with a spray gun
  • LSO TRY: Dettol Power Kitchen Cleaner and Power All Purpose Cleaner
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For that bright-clean surfaces and spotless mirrors in the bathroom, choose the all new Dettol Power Bathroom Cleaner. For a complete germ protection, Dettol cleaning spray kills 99.9% of germs. Each 100g of liquid contains 3g of sulphamic acid and 1.53g of fomic acid. This bathroom spray has a unique formula specially formulated to 100% remove tough bathroom dirt like soapscum and limescale. The cleaning spray comes in a convenient trigger spray bottle with a long lasting and fresh fragrance. Wipe off that hard dirt in the bathroom with Dettol! Also, explore Dettol’s products range like – Liquid Handwash refill, Liquid Handwash soaps, Antibacterial & Skincare Bar soaps, Multipurpose Home cleaners, Floor cleaners, Disinfectant spray Sanitizer, Hand sanitizer, Shower gel, Body wash, Bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, Cleaning triggers, Surface & personal disinfectant wipes, and Air fresheners.



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